The School of Lifelong Studies, a Division of Touro College

Why the School for Lifelong Education?

Designed to serve the diverse individuals of the Jewish community with a limited secular education, our programs –from separate classes, to teaching style, to academic calendar and course schedules -are planned with your needs in mind and a sensitivity to the Jewish holidays, family responsibilities, and employment obligations. After all, we’ve been meeting the academic needs of the Chassidic communities since 1989.

You might not have taken a traditional path to college, but our program can help you find economic independence and great success in your professional career in fields like education, law, medicine, mental health counseling, occupational therapy and more. Let’s get started!

What Sets Us Apart?

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Course Format

Flexible courses either in person in Boro Park, or guided studies you can do at home.

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Schedules that take into account the Jewish calendar.

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Men / Women

Separate classes/days for men and women.

Student Stories

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What Our Graduates Have to Say About Us

“At first, I was scared to start college. I wanted to remain in Kollel and did not want to compromise my values. I considered joining an online program, but after meeting with the director and sitting in on some classes, I saw first hand the warm and caring environment and made the decision to join SLE.”

Menachem M. Kiwak, LMHC, LPC
Graduated SLE 2011
Currently pursuing PhD

“The School for Lifelong Education offers an unparalleled student experience. As a student here, I was afforded an amazing academic experience and received a quality education from exceptional instructors who brought their lessons alive. The faculty always went above and beyond their duties to offer their support and guidance as well as academic and career advisement.”

Moshe Bulmash
Graduated SLE 2021
Accepted to New York Medical College

“From the flexibility and warmth of the administration, to the incredible dedication of the professors, SLE gave me the tools I needed to achieve my dreams!”

Moshe Appel, MA
Graduated SLE in 2016
Currently at Hofstra University, PhD program in Clinical Psychology (expected graduation date: August 2022)

“I was young, nervous, had no idea what college was, how it worked, or if I could even manage it academically. SLE was the perfect fit for me. The administration and staff guided me through the process, the teachers were warm and understanding, and I benefitted from the dynamic of in-class and mentor classes. I had some amazing teachers that even when I went for my master's, none were as good as some of my SLE professors. Today as a therapist, I encourage many of my clients to go there too. I know they will get the support they need to be successful, just as I did when I was so unsure I could do it.”

Mindy Blumenfeld, LCSW
Graduated SLE in 2006

“School for Lifelong Education was the perfect option for me as a wife and mother. The schedule, administrators and staff allowed me to pursue my education without sacrificing my family's needs. With the guidance I received, I was encouraged to continue my education at NYU School for Social Work. SLE helped me see that getting an education is possible at any stage in your life!”

Audrey Grazi, LCSW
Graduated SLE in 2006


Shoshana Grun

Shoshana Grun, MS


Instructor of Education

Briendy Stern

Briendy Stern, MSW, PhD

Academic Dean

Assistant Professor of Human Services

Brenda Strassfeld

Brenda Strassfeld, Ph.D.

Associate Director